LG events



LG launched the new Q6 handset and one of their main aims was to get the handset in to the hands of students, to play with the main features; hand signal selfie cam and the super widescreen.


We design a huge event stand that encouraged students to come play with the Q6 and give their feedback on the new handset. Our digital selfie game encouraged all students to take a selfie with the phone for a chance to win a LG Rolly Keyboard and we hooked up a few other devices to some drones so students could control them and in turn experience the super wide screen.


We also gave out branded fortune cookies with various discount codes and the URL to a competition we ran – 5 Days of Awesome see the LG influencers case study here 



  • 20 Fresher Fairs
  • 20 Student Ambassadors
  • Over 60,000 completion entries

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