• Our roles are designed with students in mind, so they fit perfectly around your studies – and social life!

  • Whatever your plans after university, opur roles offer invaluable experience with hugh brands to help you really stand out from the graduate crowd.

  • It’s more than just a job: grow your network, develop your transferable skills, and gain real-world experience.

  • With competitive pay and numerous rewards and benefit schemes,

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  • My top tip is 'Little and often' - staying in the loop with regular updates and also making the most of the opportunity to tailor work to your own strengths and interests. For example, if you're super social media savvy, use that, or if you're a born socialite and event planner use that etc...

    Charlie, University of Leeds

  • Best thing about being a student ambassador is the ability to fit working around uni work and other events, getting a couple of hours done here and there allows both to fit together really well. My tips would be to get involved with societies and organisations already set up on campus and get along to as many event, big or small as possible.

    Sam, University of Glasgow

  • You put in the hours that you can, when you can. It's also been great having the chance to learn more about how marketing campaigns are run, otherwise have known little about!

    Connie, University of Bath