Meet Anna, our 2022 placement student

Approaching the real world of work can be scary…   ‘What if I am not good enough?’ ‘What do I need to wear?’ ‘Will my colleagues like me?’   These were all questions that swarmed my mind prior to starting my placement here at Campus. But armed with my tote bag, recent ASOS clothing order,

Why be a Student Brand Ambassador?

Picture this: you’ve woken up after another night out with your flatmates, overdraft looking severely depleted from £2 doubles and barely any change left to order a recovery Domino’s.   You spend the morning (okay, let’s be realistic – afternoon) scrolling the web to find any way of getting some cash in your pocket, but

Why freshers fairs are great for brands

We've had over 15 years of experience working freshers fairs for big names such as Smirnoff, The Economist, and LG to name just a few.

‘A dream come true’: Campus Industries student brand ambassador wins all-expenses paid trip to Bali

Expecting to be taking part in a focus group for Campus Industries, Zara, one of our student brand ambassadors from the 2021 Virgin Media campaign, arrived at a bar in South West London with no idea that she was actually about to win an all expenses paid trip of a lifetime for her and a

Earn extra cash for your club or society

Here at Campus HQ, we love working with clubs and societies, no matter the size. Over the past 7 years, we have raised over £250,000 cash for university clubs and societies in the UK! This year we want to help you raise

Should your company be involved in student marketing?

A combination of student loans and grants, part time jobs, and donations from parents and family allows students to contribute an estimated £20 billion to the UK economy every year.

How we help apps top the charts and keep users

The biggest strength of the campaign, and what really drove its success, was the fact that we weren’t just focused on downloads; we wanted people using the app and becoming Circle fans for life.

Top student marketing trends

Trends change quickly with the times, but here’s our top student marketing trends to try right now! After the buzz of Freshers dies down what can you do to keep your campaign rolling…