Role Information

Studydrive is Europe’s fastest-growing student platform, with over 2 million students on our platform worldwide. Create and execute unique marketing campaigns across campus, promoting the Studydrive platform, acquiring new users, and increasing brand awareness to the student market. The ideal job that fits around your studies – with an opportunity to earn great money and big bonuses, as well as enhance your CV.



  • Execute marketing activity to acquire new users for the Studydrive platform
  • On campus experiential
  • Social media
  • Peer-to-peer marketing


  • Excellent marketing experience
  • Excellent rewards and pay
  • Manage your own time
  • Studydrive is ever-growing in the UK – it’s a great name to get on your CV.


  • Consistent and reliable – You are not afraid of responsibility. On the contrary, it motivates you to put even more effort into your work. You can be held accountable and counted on to meet deadlines.
  • Social – You are extroverted and outgoing. It’s easy for you to make connections with people.
  • Passionate motivator – You are enthusiastic about the projects that you care about which is how you motivate others to do their best.
  • Strong communicator – You are an exceptional communicator who gets your points across in a way that is fully understood.